Asclepeion of ancient Trikki

The first worship place of Asclepius, a significant god of ancient Greeks, who was himself a therapist and protector of medicine and health is located in the city of Trikala.

Asclepeion of ancient Trikki Featured image

The worship for Asclepius was known all over Greece. Its sanctuary, which is called Asclepeion, was one of the oldest medical centers and has mostly established in pleasant and peaceful areas, which helped with the treatment of the patients.

The Asclepeion of ancient Trikki was the second most important in ancient Greece, after the one in Epidauros. The early excavations that were carried out during the years 1902-1992, brought to light three buildings of early Roman times and one belonging to the post Byzantine period.

Distance from Kalampaka: 21 km

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