Prehistoric cave of Theopetra

The cave is located in the village of Theopetra ,nearby Kalampaka city, in an imposing rock and consists a unique archaeological site for the whole European history, as it had been continuously inhabited for more than 130.000 years, during the Middle Paleolithic until the Neolithic period.

Cave of Theopetra Featured image

The cave findings are of great significance as they reveal the of the human race as well as the replacement of Neanderthals by Homo Sapiens. Excavations in the inner part of the cave brought to light rare finds, stone tools, pottery and various Neolithic jewelry, made of bones, stone and gold. Of great importance are the two children footprints and parts of two human skeletons. The first belongs to a woman dated 8.500 years back and the second to a man 14,500 years. Near the cave there is the Documentation and Education Center of Theopetra Cave, which hosts the finds from the excavations. The center gives the visitor the opportunity to familiarize with the notions of archaeology and prehistory through educational interactive activities.

  • Visiting hours: 08:00 – 15:00 (Monday to Friday)
  • Contact: +30 2432072196
  • Distance from Kalampaka: 4 km

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