Holy Monastery of Roussanou

The Roussanou Monastery, also known as Arsani, stands on top of an impressive vertical and steep cliff of Meteora, between the Monasteries of Saint Nicholas Anapafsas and Varlaam.

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The origin of the name of the Roussanou monastery is not verified yet, despite the fact that the temple is dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Christ and the Monastery is also known as Saint Barbara. The most likely theory is that it took its name from the first ascetic who settled in the rock.

Other information, which is not historically proven, indicates that the Monastery was founded in 1388 by the hieromonks Nicodemus and Benedictus. The only historically acceptable, according to a written testament of 1545, is that the monastery was built on the ruins of an older temple by the brothers monks Ioasaf and Maximus from Ioannina, who settled on the rock during the years 1527-1529 and organized their monastic community.

Today the monastery covers the entire surface of the rock and consists of three levels. On the ground floor are the cells of the monks and the reception areas, while the other helpful spaces and Archontariki (official guest room) are on the other floors.

Admire the wall-painting decoration of the temple, which was painted in 1560, and is one of the most complete and mature paintings of the Cretan School of Art. The brilliant wall-paintings are attributed to the significant hagiographer of the era, Tzortzis, a Theophanis student.

Don’t skip before you leave to take a photo of one of the most photographed monastery in Meteora. No other monastery has a view of such a horizon in front of it. Especially for those who are romantic, the wonderful sunset is a must-see.

  • The monastery and celebrates on: December 4 (Saint Barbara) and on August 6 (Transfiguration of the Christ).
  • Contact: +30 24320 22649
  • Summer visiting hours: 09:00 – 17:00 Every Wednesday closed
  • Winter visiting hours: 09:00 – 14: 00 Every Wednesday closed

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