Holy Monastery of Holy Trinity

The Monastery of the Holy Trinity is the third oldest monastery in Meteora and is the most difficult to reach, since the visitor has to cross a downhill path and then ascend 145 steps carved into the rock. It is said that at the time when the monks used a rope ladder and a net, they spent 70 years to carry the materials and build the monastery!

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It is possible that the fisrt ascetics to have lived in the rock of the Holy Trinity from the early 14th century. In a manuscript of 1362, which is kept in the Great Meteoron Monastery, there is a reference to the existence of the monastery. According to tradition, the monastery was founded in 1438 by the monk Dometius, but this is not historically confirmed.

The temple dedicated to the Holy Trinity was built in 1475-1476, according to an inscription inscribed on its wall. The complex of buildings of the monastery includes the renovated old refectory, the monks’ cells, the tanks and other helpful spaces.

Admire the small temple of Saint John the Baptist carved in the rock, which was built and wall-painted in 1682. Before it formed in a church, it is believed that place was the hermitage of an ascetic. Don’t miss to visit the Folklore Museum of the Monastery, with the wonderful collection of folklore objects and hand-woven textiles. Finally, before you leave the monastery, stand in the courtyard and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of Kalampaka city, the valley with the Pineios River and the mountains of the region!

  • The monastery celebrates: the All Saints’ Day
  • Contact: +30 24320 22277
  • Summer visiting hours: 09:00 – 16:00 Every Friday closed
  • Winter visiting hours: 09:00 – 15:00 Every Thursday & Friday closed

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