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Meteora’s climate is warm and temperate. Meteora has a warm and comfortable climate.

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This means you can visit the region all over the year. The temperature in Kalampaka averages from 6º C (33º F) to 33.1º C (91.58º F). Meteora experiences all seasons and is generally dry throughout the year. Most precipitation falls between October and March. Summer is dry and pleasantly warm with hardly any rain. On the other hand, the winter is cold due to the high elevation of the mountains. In between these seasons, there is moderate temperatures based on the midl atitude of the region. For hikers in late spring (April to June) or autumn (September to November) are the best period to travel to Meteora.


What clothes to bring to Meteora? In winter raincoat jacket and sweatshirt are ideal. During summer, light, comfortable clothing, from cotton or linen, are great to wear in a Mediterranean climate. But do bring some warm clothing too. To wear in the evening or when visiting the mountains, like the Pindos mountain range, near Meteora. Also, when you have booked an organised round trip by train, will have air-conditioning. So do bring a jumper or sweater. And an umbrella! Not just to protect you against a rain shower, but also to protect you from the sun. Don’t miss your comfortable shoes and sunscreen!

The monasteries of Meteora have official and strict dress code, to enter inside, it might be wise to bring some suitable clothing. Men must wear long pants and women long skirts and cover their shoulders. Sleeveless shirts are not allowed. Skirt is provided at the entrance to every monastery free of charge, so don’t worry too much about having them with you.

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