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Is it your first trip to Meteora you are worried about not missing anything and to get the most out of your visit in the area? Do not worry at all! We’ve got you!

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You can book our Meteora’s Wonder-Sightseeing tour and have the opportunity to see all of the 6 monasteries of Meteora and visit 3 of them and get to know everything about Meteora’s geology and the history of the monasteries, by the local guide inside our Limo VIP minibus. Plus, you will go to some key-spots of Meteora, so that you can take amazing photos.

If you are looking into experiencing something romantic or special, we suggest that you book our Amazing Sunset tour, in which you have the chance to see all 6 monasteries, visit one of them, one old Byzantine church in Kalampaka, two monk’s old sketes in Kastraki and finally witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, that of Meteora’s.

Feeling adventurous? Book a seat in our Hidden Trails of Meteora-Hiking tour and we guarantee that you will have a unique and a memorable experience. You will get to explore the hidden paths of Meteora rocks, learn everything about the nature of the area, the history of the monasteries, walk in the same paths that the first ascetics used to walk in order to get at the top of Meteora, see the monastery of Ipapanti (visible only by hikers) and visit one of the six monasteries that operate nowadays in Meteora. This tour can be combined, after you request, with the “Amazing Sunset” tour so that you can see the sunset after your hiking in Meteora.

And if any of these plans do not fit your schedule, contact us so that we can provide you with a tailor-made tour, based on your requests.

Regardless of which tour you will choose, eventually you will have to get your belly full in one of the traditional taverns of Kalampaka or in Kastraki. You should taste traditional Greek food such as moussaka, tzatziki, souvlaki, gyros, traditional local pies, feta-cheese and drink local wines or tsipouro.

Also, in the village Kastraki its worth taking a walk in the narrow alleys of the old village, which is characterized as a preserved traditional settlement and visit the museum of Geological Formations of Meteora (free entrance). In case you are staying in Kalampaka you can visit the old Byzantine church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in the old district of the town, visit the Digital Projection Centre of Meteora’s History and Culture or the Museum of Natural History of Meteora and Mushroom Museum and at night go for walk in the central street of Kalampaka, where you can find stores of all kind, cafes, restaurants, and much more.

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