Top things to do and see in Meteora

If you ever visit Meteora, these are the must see and to do things for a memorable trip.

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Either you choose to stay in the main town of Kalampaka, or in a small village called Kastraki (near Kalampaka), you should find time to take a walk through the stone paths and small roads in the old sides of both of them. It’s the best way to learn about the local culture, to speak with the local people and enjoy the hospitality. You will also have the chance to see and visit old churches from 11th century and visit the museums on both places. During this small walk you will see and taste the local cuisine, eat traditional Greek dishes and taste fruity wines from local grapes and you will discover a number of restaurants, Greek taverns, small cafe’s and small shops with souvenirs.

Αs for those visitors, who feel more active and would like to try something more adventurous, Meteora’s environment is ideal for many daring choices.. Some of them are the hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking and rafting. Furthermore, for the romantic guests the sunset of Meteora is an unforgetable experience, that no one should miss out!!!

Don’t miss additionally the opportunity to learn about the unique landscape of Meteora from a local guide. There are plenty of daily Tours available, designed to meet every requirement, manned with local drivers and local guides, who will inform and explain to you all about the Natural Environment, the Geological formation of the rocks and all the historical facts about the Monasteries.

You will also be able to visit a few of the Monasteries and old Churches, take outstanding photos and walk through the forest onto the holy paths of Meteora (depending on the tour you will choose). So, don’t hesitate to Book one of the daily Tours, which Meteora Trip – Boutique Travel Experience offers, in order tο explore this religious, historical, architectural, cultural and geological value as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

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