Easter at Meteora

The outstanding huge rocks of Meteora are the second most important monastic complex in Greece, after Mount Athos. They had been inhabited for over 600 years and today are a highly religious place. Most of the old monasteries are just ruins, while only six are still open and preserved in excellent condition.

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Kalampaka and Meteora attract thousands of visitors every year, especially in religious feasts. Easter is the most cosmopolitan feast in the region, attended by lots of people. Although, the majority of visitors are Greek there are also Greek Orthodox who come from other countries, particularly from Balkan countries and they also attend the Easter ceremonies on the imposing rocks of Meteora.
Regarding the mass of Holy Week, it starts at 19:00 and finishes around 21:00. More specific, the visitors have the opportunity to visit Varlaam monastery on Maundy Thursday. In this Holy Monastery the mass of the Last Supper and the Passions has a uniqueness. Furthermore, in the eerie sounds of the bells ringing mournfully, the believers take part in the divine drama. In this way they try to achieve a spiritual elevation themselves.

On Good Friday, the decorated with lilac fills Epitaphs crate a dignified atmosphere. The icons seem to be so alive under the light of the candles, while the visitors are relaxing and breathing in serenity.

At midnight on Easter Saturday when the resurrection is announced, all the monasteries open their doors to welcome those who want to attend the whole of the religious ritual.

On Easter Sunday, a traditional custom takes place in the town of Kalampaka. If you are here that period, it is worthwhile to participate in it. The custom is called “paschalogiorta” (= Easter festivities) and that day each family of every village around Meteora prepares the traditional lamb and the Easter-related dishes paspaliares (= pies made with corn flour and baked in clay pots) together with endless quantities of wine double the pleasure of singing and dancing along!

In conclusion, the Holy Easter at Meteora is something unique that worthwhile to experience at least once in your life. You will have the chance to feel as a local and see exactly what these days are all about. Come to us and experience the awe and the ecstasy through the mystic atmosphere on the Holy rocks.

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